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2015. The Year Of Wool.

Why a year of wool?
It’s January 1. So time to set our intentions.

A Year Of No Sugar was what pushed us over the edge. If you could do a year without sugar, what about a year with wool – of just going through the daily grind of working with it, researching it, and learning as much as possible in 365 days?

We’ve been thinking about doing this wool thing for a year for a while. Here’s what we’ve been thinking about:

Why isn’t wool treated more like food in terms of acknowledgement of slow fibres in the same manner as slow food? Why is yarn labelling for wool so confusing? Why does there seem to be so much celebration of food farming and origins in Australia & around the world, yet so little in comparison to wool?

What are the real issues in the wool industry that very few are talking about, or at least, willing to talk about publicly?

There’s another reason for this too. Taking part in the woolful podcast, we mentioned that we know nothing. We’re not kidding.

There’s been instances of vertical learning curves simply by doing such as going to both socksummits (R.I.P) and crowdfunding a ton of wool.

We’re hoping to fail (wouldn’t be the first time). There will be instances of making mighty ugly. There will (hopefully) be wins, and it will be great to share those with you.

So, by being open and transparent about what we want to know about and learn that might help others too.

Banger Bucks – A case study of how Banger Films can fund their extreme metal show on indiegogo.

full disclosure – we have a soft spot for banger films – as their first movie “metal: a headbangers journey” is one of our favourite documentaries (and there is no huge collection of  metal lovin’ black & silver tshirts at chez gusset either…). When we found out purely by accident that banger films were crowdfunding in order to get an extra tv show made that covers off one of the subgenres of metal – you bet we’re putting our hand up to help them out, and show how it can be done. they haven’t asked us to do the below, this is just our little treat.

what banger films are asking for:

$135,000. that’s not a small ask, by any means, but our guess is, it’s a very smart one. great production – particularly the way that Banger Films does it doesn’t come cheap. It’s interesting that they’ve chosen to use indiegogo, and that they’re taking the “whatever we earn” type category – which could be the reason behind the large ask – we’ll check, but from memory, indiegogo take a 10% cut.

what’s in banger films favour?

the super, duper, turbo charged bit of the project – EVERYTHING is in their favour. banger have a killer track record – check out the movies that they’ve made on IMDB. the amount of bands, industry figures & metalheads that know about banger has got to be astronomical. the really awesome thing about crowdfunding for them is that it’s not just about the money – they have a killer community that they can build on, they can continue to promote the community and the work of banger through that community, which will serve banger well long after the funding campaign trail has finished.

What needs to be worked on?

Their plan, their reach, and their ask.

Banger Films Plan:

We don’t know what their exact plan is, but so far, this is what we’re seeing:

facebook: “Hey everyone! We’re doing a limited run of 666 Family Tree posters in giant format (46″x28” high gloss, full colour with silver ink) as part of our Indiegogo campaign to make the Extreme Metal episode of Metal Evolution. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! – Oh… did we mention they come hand numbered and signed to you by Scot+Sam? Get’em while you can!”

twitter:  “Doin a run of 666 Family Tree posters for our #ExtremeMetal@Indiegogo campaign – hand numbered and signed by Scot+Sam

there’s the hashtag of metalevolution and tweets from the @bangerfilmsinc account on roughly a daily basis re: the indiegogo campaign.

reddit: thread with sam dunn.

how banger can improve their plan is through a little homework of checking out what other films/film making companies have done in order to get over the line & get funded. a killer example is hybrid vigour (twitter) which seems to be a completely unknown film coming out of latvia – who managed to use twitter followers as one of their main methods of gaining enough support to get funded.

we’re hoping that sam dunn is up for it – we think he needs his own twitter account, as people are certainly searching for & talking about him on twitter. it could also be useful for metal evolution to have its own twitter account too – as banger films is a lot more than metal evolution, and the doco is what really needs to be promoted here, as against banger films.

whatever new account happens, it really needs to spell everything out in terms of the campaign _andcompany on twitter is a great example of design used to communicate. the new account needs to basically be running 24-7 – there needs to be hourly asks, thankyous, requests for retweets, mentions of who’s been involved in metal evolution & asking them to support the campaign by retweeting, following of everyone/thing involved in the making of banger films movies who would love to get the word out.

we started a simple document on googledocs to illustrate how banger can go about it – it’s a matter of going through their contacts, finding them on twitter, and asking them to retweet something relevant and useful about the campaign to their followers. tom dawkins from social good initiatives funding site startsomegood has a great video which includes how to do an ask, which is part of an interview on startupsmart.


we reckon reach is the biggest problem that Banger is facing – for the simple reason that they’re aiming for $135,000.00. the problem here, is that their social media reach isn’t getting to enough people. we have a rule of thumb that in order to get $135,000, 135,000 people need to know about your campaign. when you’re doing social media to a maximum of 10,000 people, the simple fact is that the reach isn’t far enough. banger can go much, much further.

it’s great that there’s coverage now in reddit & online magazines – but we’re also wondering about online metal forums. that’s where the fans with enthusiasm, love, and money are. we figure that the souls of banger know all about it – but just haven’t tapped into them, and are more than able. one of the rewards on indiegogo is tickets to wacken, who have a massive following. if wacken could get involved in the promotion of the campaign, all well & good.

something that could happen off indiegogo is the promotion of the wacken tickets, which could include a competition around what people would be willing to do for a wacken ticket – which could be won if someone doesn’t pick up the tickets from indiegogo. the competition could be promoted via social media & bands that are part of wacken & could generate a huge amount of buzz.


artist direct: “Donate now at indiegogo! The lost episode on extreme metal needs to be seen.”

the above ask is why a specific twitter account eg: metalevol is handy – it has all the information there, and if people have pledged money, it’s metal evol that thanks them & asks for an RT. that account could also get in touch with everyone possible – bands involved in any of the documentaries, and ask for those RTs.


“We are attempting to raise $135,000 to cover the entire production of Extreme Metal.”

this is a mindset sort of thing, and it’s really important. don’t attempt. don’t ever hope. just do, like so:

“Banger Films needs $135,000 to cover the entire production of Extreme Metal”

How They’re Going To Rock Crowdfunding:

“We’re appealing to the international metal community to help raise the funds to create the Extreme Metal episode.”

now, we’re talking. it’s not too hard to pick out the blueprint of what needs to happen by going over the below paragraph:

Following metalhead-turned-anthropologist Sam Dunn, Metal Evolution took viewers on an unprecedented journey to over 30 countries on 4 continents to interview 300 of metal’s most respected musicians including Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Slash, Lemmy, Lars Ulrich, Tom Morello and members of Van Halen, Deep Purple, Slayer, Lamb of God and many more.  The series was a huge success, hitting #1 on VH1 Classic (US) and MuchMore (Canada), and broadcasting on networks in the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Brazil, India and elsewhere.

ask those respected musicians to help out, by getting the word out, which of course, only helps them to learn more about the series, and about themselves. it’s a win/win!


design as a career – show notes.

we’ll be putting up our presentation here, feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and we’ll do our best!

talk re: pozible – tentatively pencilled in for wed 5 september at hub melbourne. email your interest to TONOFWOOL at that thinger. go to their bbq on friday – i’ll be cookin’!
do lectures: why good bread needs to be for everyone.


craft & design as a career.

we’ll be giving a talk at craft & design as a career august 16 @ NGV international melbourne  – here’s the interview on craft: “meet kylie gusset“. more information and booking details.

pinteresting: pinning with pinterest.

it’s been interesting to see the general reaction to pinterest – one of the fastest growing websites, which has also been a huge timesuck here at chez gusset.
we thought would be useful to those receiving their TON OF WOOL soon, who weren’t sure what to create, and in need of a little curated inspiration, so we pinned over 100 patterns. exactly how useful that pinning will be, time will tell. it’s certainly found us a few more followers, and perhaps helped to spread the word about the cormo wool we’ve developed, so that’s always a plus.

our board on pinterest

our board on pinterest

the issue of copyright has come up though, which has lead to some engaging and thought provoking discussion such as from professional photographer ddk portraits who got a call from pinterest founder ben silberman. we reckon it’s smart that pinterest have taken the liberty of producing code to prevent pinning with a ‘nopin’ tag which has already implemented – so that anyone choosing not to share their photos isn’t automagically pinned.

we’ve found it awesome and inspirational to follow knitting designers, yarn dyers, and people with intriguing tastes just to get a new lease on creative thought. it’s also fun to search for artists and fabric designers to get a beautiful selection of their work and portraits of the artist. case in point: vera neumann
it begs the question – where will pinterest be in 5 years time?

charles bradley – your last chance melbourne!

yup, melbourne’s last chance for a life changing experience with charles bradley is happening tonight at the corner hotel, and unbelievably, there’s still tickets available, so get in fast, peoples!

charles bradley

charles bradley

the inspirational story of charles bradley: at the age of 62, his 48 year dream of recording his own music finally came true with the release of his debut album “no time for dreaming”. before then, he’d dealt with homelessness, severe health problems, and jobs such as a 9 year stint at a new york mental health facility cooking 3,500 meals a day. find out more at beat magazine.

there’s a charles bradley documentary, and witness his lurve at golden plains festival where he hugs the crowd. we’ve got somethin’ special here.

on gardening & growth.

it’s one of those weird days where so much and so little has happened. so we’re taking it a tad slow today, letting the pictures do the talking:








balcony geraniums

geranium bounty from our balcony

gusset guide: the cafes of north melbourne (aka glorious north melbs)

jilted into action by bryony cole’s post about cafes of melbourne, we have a confession to make about north melbs cafes: so many cafes, so little time and money. when we strike it rich, at least for the first week of flushness we’ll just do a sort of rolling degustation with our laptop first thing in the morning until after afternoon tea, and then throw ourselves into compensatory exercise and a cup of tea for dinner. here’s our rundown of places you just might like to visit in the hood:

auction rooms: voted by the age coffee army  as THE place to go in ALL of melbourne for a coffee. (not just north melbourne…and that’s a hell of a lot of cafes and coffee drinking to get through, my friends…). we find it handy to go there for business type meetings when you need some wifi. longest opening hours of the bunch, and the largest place too.

beatrix: cute as a button. managed by muso evelyn aka pikelet, and off the beaten (ha!) track a little being the furthest down queensberry street. if you’re craving cake, they’ve got daily baked on the premises selections. bonus points: vintage egg beater collection.

fandango: it’s a little dream of ours that next time kelley deal is in town, we’ll take her out for a very late breakfast in the back courtyard with their beetroot eggs, pancakes, french toast and other assorted goodness while she downs a packet of smokes, knits a few bags and tells dirty stories. small and homely and lovely. don’t go a changin’.  extremely worthy of the ace review at the breakfast blog (rip).

twenty & six: it’s all designy (note the bend in the glasses and how the coffee cups that you can’t get your finger through match the colour of the business cards) and fancypants (design books like grid systems are on display for your reading pleasure) and suchlike, but gee, we love this place. super friendly. killer coffee (and let it be known, we’ve spotted auction rooms staff in here on their days off – regulars!). if you’re lucky, you’ll find neighbouring black cat esmeralda out the back area on a sunny weekend looking for some lurve.

french quarter patisserie.  almond croissant. that is all.

woolly bully: unfortunately, nothing to do with yarn. fortunately, everything to do with the song. comics. records. coffee. run by a NZ couple with a killer taste in music, we’re hoping that more of their little live music soirees happen soon. chats (ie the users) from australian music forum messandnoise probably responsible for bulk of goodwill. makes for a lovely lazy morning with the papers.

elceed: we haven’t even set foot in the place yet (see? so many cafes, so little time and money…) but by golly some of their menu items has had us wishing. any cafe with halloumi on the menu rocks in our book. some sweet breakfasty thinger with rhubarb. fresh juices. obviously we need to pay them a visit in the not too distant future and report back our findings.

do you have a favourite cafe in north melbs? care to share a superwonderful experience at one of ’em?

we’re blogging everyday this month as part of Steve‘s little experiment to get us all blogging for 31 days in March. For more info, follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #b03

pozible – who are the big promoters?

we thought it was interesting that pozible had a post about their top promoters, and it got us wondering…who the heck are these people, and why are they the top promoters? so, we’re googling so you don’t have to. we’re also hoping that the following info is incredibly handy to people who are doing pozible – if these people below are the top promoters – perhaps some of them might be appropriate for you to contact?

we’ll publish the half baked cake now, and keep on editing/working on it. if you know these people and why they’re big promoters, comments are open! name link = persons profile on pozible, so you can get in touch & perhaps show them your pozible project.

  • Abbey Hunt – messaged, waiting on reply (M,WOR)
  • Alex Kelly
    “I am a media maker and producer based in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Since 2004 I have worked with Big hART as Creative Producer of the award winning Ngapartji Ngapartji project as well as supporting Radio Holiday, Drive, Northcott Narratives, This is Living and Junk Theory with the company.I have edited a magazine in Amsterdam, been part of setting up a community arts space, Irene Warehouse, in Melbourne, been a projectionist at the Coober Pedy Drive In, organised activist media events, been part of putting together blockades, actions and protests and been the NT Triple J Arts Reporter.”(unexpected benefit of doing this list – finding old acquaintances!)
  • Andrew Yager
    Andrew is the Managing Director of Real World Technology Solutions, an IT specialist in Sydney, Australia who supported comics on depression “kinds of blue”
  • Ben Baker
    ben baker on IMDB – film buffs: that is one serious visual effects resume! 
  • Casey Briggs
    adelaide folk! here’s the president of the adelaide university union!
  • Deb Verhoeven
    whoa. film awesomeness. here’s her wiki page, and her website best quality crab.
  • DJ Fitzgerald
  • Felicity Freeman
  • Jess Miller
  • Jessica Craig-Piper
  • Justin Morrissey
  • Kym Kani
  • Lawrence Ashford
  • Luke Launer
  • Lynne Vincent McCarthy
  • Marcus Westbury
    finally. someone we can talk about! marcus is an awesome force to be reckoned with who renews cities for a hobby. check out the video on TED: cities as software. he’s an amazing connector of people and things, and has had a creative history in festivals, furthered by his role  as artistic director of ISEA 2013 in australia. he’d be a big promoter of pozible project this is not art festival, which he founded.  here’s his website & twitter.
  • Michael Fuller
  • Michelle Hovane
  • Miriam Lyons
  • Nathaniel Cosford
  • Sundari Carmody
  • Todd Keys
  • Zoe Bowman

we’re blogging everyday this month as part of Steve‘s little experiment to get us all blogging for 31 days in March. For more info, follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #b03

10 Thrills We Newbies Experience That the Top Earners Have Forgotten

that’s the title of a guest blog at problogger. thing is, none of ours are there, so here are the top ten gusset newbie blogging experiences:

  1. there’s a spike in your statistics that proves that it’s not just your mum and google crawling your site.
  2. you make a pact (blogging every day for the month of march, for example), and you stick to it.
  3. the email arrives from THE ONE. it might be someone whose blog you’ve read for the last few years, someone you admire, or someone that you’ve met and would kill to work with. whomever it is, just you try wiping that smile off your face.
  4. meeting that first person in real life that you.met.on.teh.interwebs through each others blogs.
  6. someone recognises you on the street from your blog.
  7. someone in the media wants you to talk about your blog. yup. you. that officially makes you a BLOGGER.
  8. if you somehow do have the joy of making money from your blog, you know what that means, right? TAX DEDUCTIONS. finally, you get to claim for all the hosting, learning materials, wifi, iphone, laptop, travel and conferences that you’ve been paying for.
  9. learning that it can be really fun to travel and contact the people that you’ve always admired, asking them out for a meal and a chat. the stuff that they tell you can be pure gold that you’d never otherwise hear.
  10. someone you’ve met and missed from many, many years ago is now back in touch thanks to your blog.

we’re blogging everyday this month as part of Steve‘s little experiment to get us all blogging for 31 days in March. For more info, follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #b03