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Curator: Noticingceramics + Studioplatesau


Kylie Gusset is an Australian artist based in Walcha, New South Wales.

As an emerging artist, Kylie is exploring working with clay by making sculptural pieces, functional work, and “bread and butter” items such as buttons aimed at the ecommerce market. Kylie has created a following and community on instagram with Noticingceramics, where a row of 3 images are published on a theme. Kylie is curating australian ceramicists at studioplatesau which names the makers of the plates known, loved and used by stylists and restaurants.

Kylie turned her frustration of being unable to make simple pots into a way of overcoming adversity by creating her own language with clay. Sculptural pieces are stretched, torn and pushed to their limits, taking on an energy found in the forces of nature.

Kylie Gusset completed a Diploma of Ceramics at Brookvale TAFE in 2019, and is now exploring a self directed residency with a view to exploring travel, residencies and workshops worldwide in the future which will benefit her ceramics practice.

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