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AWI – “poisonous, strange, and nasty”

sometimes you can’t help but wonder…am I reading the news, or the onion? this time around, it is the news, with fresh shenanigans in the wool industry c/o brenda mcgahan (remember her? yep, one of the “women of wool” from last years bendigo sheepshow). she’s resigned as CEO of AWI (australian wool innovation aka the dudes dealing with mulesing). our feeling is that she’s simply had enough of the tantrums. north qld register put that the board is poisonous, strange, and nasty. AWI put in a press release that “Brenda’s decision had been brought about by her frustration at the ongoing differences of opinion amongst members of the Board particularly since the AGM”. if that’s what’s in the press release that they’re putting to the public, can you imagine what it’s like behind closed doors? heck.
to add a little further fire, apparently there was meant to be a 9th annual international wool show congress (oh…so that’s it…at shows, like bendigo sheepshow, stalls cost around $300. at congresses, they’re $3000) in sydney this year. first we heard of it was from someone o/s. surely enough, the day we find out about it, the congress is cancelled.