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shima seiki, faster, mark fast

rmit melbourne is currently holding an exhibition until the 21st march titled “the endless garment” which is about new uses of machine knitting. it’s worth a look ’cause this is your one chance to see garments from sandra backlund and mark fast in the flesh. also on as part of the exhibition is a talk from the creative director of issey miyake, founder of APOC (a piece of cloth) garment construction – so it’ll be interesting to hear what miyake & co have planned for the future in terms of pushing knitting forward.

mark fast (photo portrait) has been in the press of late for his use of (gasp! horror!) real size models in his knitwear:
mark fast
he also has a (recent?) diffusion faster label, and there’s a great video of his recent autumn/winter 2010 collection. for the inside scoop, it’s worth checking out knitkicks from jen jarvis who is working for mr fast and also provides some background on staff there, along with some great reviews/interviews of knitting graduate work.