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Monthly Archives: September 2010

mosses and mushrooms and whimsy, oh my!

found on twitter via the wonderful ravelry staffer rainydaygoods: tinyowlknits aka stephanie dosen is someone to make your day just that little bit more wonderful. an amazing knitting talent (just looking at her projects makes us swoon), she’s got the vocal chops too, which you can witness on rockwiz.

prudence mapstone freeform workshops oct 2-3

passing on the word from prudence mapstone: I will be in Melbourne again for the CraftExpo next month, but because there will only be mini workshops at that show I have decided to fly down a little early so that I can run a couple of full-day freeform classes before the show. They will be […]

the beginnings of drape drape dressing.

whilst on a lil’ vacation at the markmaker’s, we were going through her japanese sewing books, and fell in lust with the drape drape books. they’re japanese sewing books which have gained quite the cult following in blogland, and the whole draping fashion in general seems to have boomed of late. being impatient to get […]

my crafty list of things to do

(inspired by the wondering and wonderful make something) spin a fleece and make something (a jumper?) out of it. finish my teva durham cardigan write about going to socksummit 2009 write about the craft victoria day write about the craft movie put up previous writing. finish $2,500 socks by old bar knitting deadline – the […]

melbourne craft doco.

Bitch benefit at Woodland Pattern, originally uploaded by bitch_magazine. melbourne readers, you’ll need to act fast on this one if you’re keen – the online box office closes at 8pm today. “making it handmade” is a locally made documentary about the craft movement featuring faythe levine (above): handmade nation, pip lincolne: meet me at mikes, […]