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melbourne craft doco.

melbourne readers, you’ll need to act fast on this one if you’re keen – the online box office closes at 8pm today. “making it handmade” is a locally made documentary about the craft movement featuring faythe levine (above): handmade nation, pip lincolne: meet me at mikes, gemma jones: kaotic kraft kuties, rayna fahey: radical cross stitch, and casey jenkins: craft cartel. it’s on this saturday at RMIT kaleide theatre and there’s 2 screenings: 2pm and 4pm. for more info, check out the facebook page. for bookings, buy online from radical cross stitch.

but that’s not all! also on outside the cinema is a swanky little market, featuring ms.gusset yarns and fibres, and jen from a piece of cloth will also be there with many vintage fabrics and other old school sewing related goodies. we highly recommend you come check it out if you can.