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my crafty list of things to do

(inspired by the wondering and wonderful make something)

  • spin a fleece and make something (a jumper?) out of it.
  • finish my teva durham cardigan
  • write about going to socksummit 2009
  • write about the craft victoria day
  • write about the craft movie
  • put up previous writing.
  • finish $2,500 socks by old bar knitting deadline – the 27th september.
  • complete 4 winter garments by the end of this year: dress/skirt, coat, and audrey and red gables cables hoodie.
  • crochet a cardigan showing the colour range of one dye lot of sock yarn.
  • complete cushion covers for my loungeroom
  • complete curtains for my kitchen
  • make a mini quilt out of leftovers from above + torn linen sheet and send resulting quilt + book to someone very special o/s.
  • machine knit a dress out of drape drape 1 or 2 out of silk after doing testing, prior patterns etc.
  • grow miniature orchids like the collection from a martha stewart mag on flickr, or the cover of the new terrarium.
  • sew the brown DKNY dress
  • machine knit  the wrap dress by laura grutzek
  • machine knit the venezia pullover as a 2 colour v neck.