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Monthly Archives: March 2012

pinteresting: pinning with pinterest.

it’s been interesting to see the general reaction to pinterest – one of the fastest growing websites, which has also been a huge timesuck here at chez gusset. we thought would be useful to those receiving their TON OF WOOL soon, who weren’t sure what to create, and in need of a little curated inspiration, […]

charles bradley – your last chance melbourne!

yup, melbourne’s last chance for a life changing experience with charles bradley is happening tonight at the corner hotel, and unbelievably, there’s still tickets available, so get in fast, peoples! the inspirational story of charles bradley: at the age of 62, his 48 year dream of recording his own music finally came true with the […]

on gardening & growth.

it’s one of those weird days where so much and so little has happened. so we’re taking it a tad slow today, letting the pictures do the talking:  

gusset guide: the cafes of north melbourne (aka glorious north melbs)

jilted into action by bryony cole’s post about cafes of melbourne, we have a confession to make about north melbs cafes: so many cafes, so little time and money. when we strike it rich, at least for the first week of flushness we’ll just do a sort of rolling degustation with our laptop first thing […]

pozible – who are the big promoters?

we thought it was interesting that pozible had a post about their top promoters, and it got us wondering…who the heck are these people, and why are they the top promoters? so, we’re googling so you don’t have to. we’re also hoping that the following info is incredibly handy to people who are doing pozible […]

10 Thrills We Newbies Experience That the Top Earners Have Forgotten

that’s the title of a guest blog at problogger. thing is, none of ours are there, so here are the top ten gusset newbie blogging experiences: there’s a spike in your statistics that proves that it’s not just your mum and google crawling your site. you make a pact (blogging every day for the month […]

the joy of slow.

we should be sleeping. instead, we’re getting the coffee, ipod, and a nice big list ready to get things organised tonight. why? we’re expecting wool tomorrow. thankfully, not the whole ton is arriving, but enough for the courier to enquire if we had a forklift. where exactly we’d keep a forklift in a third floor […]

handmade, slow: 3 magazines to look out for

we’re thrilled to see the rise of the slow and handmade, and one way of gauging interest is media. launching on kickstarter today, with half of their goal already reached is handmade, a magazine from juniper moon farm. juniper moon farm holds a special place in our heart – through offering subscriptions to yarn and […]

nikki gabriel goodness, spot the chart, inspiration

after several phonecalls and enquiries (we’re terribly good at getting lost) we finally made it to the nikki gabriel sale. nikki had the most amazing dress on, which was either a dress from the summer 09 collection, or something very similar. while we didn’t take any photos in the store of the small selection available, […]

melbourne fashion festival, knit/craft happenings

we were just a tad shocked going through the craft victoria highlights of loreal melbourne fashion festival, which is on throughout march. their highlights have none of ours, so we figured…better let you know about ’em. starting tonight with their launch, material culture is an exhibition of RMIT textiles and design alumni (not only students, […]