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pinteresting: pinning with pinterest.

it’s been interesting to see the general reaction to pinterest – one of the fastest growing websites, which has also been a huge timesuck here at chez gusset.
we thought would be useful to those receiving their TON OF WOOL soon, who weren’t sure what to create, and in need of a little curated inspiration, so we pinned over 100 patterns. exactly how useful that pinning will be, time will tell. it’s certainly found us a few more followers, and perhaps helped to spread the word about the cormo wool we’ve developed, so that’s always a plus.

our board on pinterest

our board on pinterest

the issue of copyright has come up though, which has lead to some engaging and thought provoking discussion such as from professional photographer ddk portraits who got a call from pinterest founder ben silberman. we reckon it’s smart that pinterest have taken the liberty of producing code to prevent pinning with a ‘nopin’ tag which has already implemented – so that anyone choosing not to share their photos isn’t automagically pinned.

we’ve found it awesome and inspirational to follow knitting designers, yarn dyers, and people with intriguing tastes just to get a new lease on creative thought. it’s also fun to search for artists and fabric designers to get a beautiful selection of their work and portraits of the artist. case in point: vera neumann
it begs the question – where will pinterest be in 5 years time?