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pozible – who are the big promoters?

we thought it was interesting that pozible had a post about their top promoters, and it got us wondering…who the heck are these people, and why are they the top promoters? so, we’re googling so you don’t have to. we’re also hoping that the following info is incredibly handy to people who are doing pozible – if these people below are the top promoters – perhaps some of them might be appropriate for you to contact?

we’ll publish the half baked cake now, and keep on editing/working on it. if you know these people and why they’re big promoters, comments are open! name link = persons profile on pozible, so you can get in touch & perhaps show them your pozible project.

  • Abbey Hunt – messaged, waiting on reply (M,WOR)
  • Alex Kelly
    “I am a media maker and producer based in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Since 2004 I have worked with Big hART as Creative Producer of the award winning Ngapartji Ngapartji project as well as supporting Radio Holiday, Drive, Northcott Narratives, This is Living and Junk Theory with the company.I have edited a magazine in Amsterdam, been part of setting up a community arts space, Irene Warehouse, in Melbourne, been a projectionist at the Coober Pedy Drive In, organised activist media events, been part of putting together blockades, actions and protests and been the NT Triple J Arts Reporter.”(unexpected benefit of doing this list – finding old acquaintances!)
  • Andrew Yager
    Andrew is the Managing Director of Real World Technology Solutions, an IT specialist in Sydney, Australia who supported comics on depression “kinds of blue”
  • Ben Baker
    ben baker on IMDB – film buffs: that is one serious visual effects resume! 
  • Casey Briggs
    adelaide folk! here’s the president of the adelaide university union!
  • Deb Verhoeven
    whoa. film awesomeness. here’s her wiki page, and her website best quality crab.
  • DJ Fitzgerald
  • Felicity Freeman
  • Jess Miller
  • Jessica Craig-Piper
  • Justin Morrissey
  • Kym Kani
  • Lawrence Ashford
  • Luke Launer
  • Lynne Vincent McCarthy
  • Marcus Westbury
    finally. someone we can talk about! marcus is an awesome force to be reckoned with who renews cities for a hobby. check out the video on TED: cities as software. he’s an amazing connector of people and things, and has had a creative history in festivals, furthered by his role  as artistic director of ISEA 2013 in australia. he’d be a big promoter of pozible project this is not art festival, which he founded.  here’s his website & twitter.
  • Michael Fuller
  • Michelle Hovane
  • Miriam Lyons
  • Nathaniel Cosford
  • Sundari Carmody
  • Todd Keys
  • Zoe Bowman

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