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gusset guide: the cafes of north melbourne (aka glorious north melbs)

jilted into action by bryony cole’s post about cafes of melbourne, we have a confession to make about north melbs cafes: so many cafes, so little time and money. when we strike it rich, at least for the first week of flushness we’ll just do a sort of rolling degustation with our laptop first thing in the morning until after afternoon tea, and then throw ourselves into compensatory exercise and a cup of tea for dinner. here’s our rundown of places you just might like to visit in the hood:

auction rooms: voted by the age coffee army  as THE place to go in ALL of melbourne for a coffee. (not just north melbourne…and that’s a hell of a lot of cafes and coffee drinking to get through, my friends…). we find it handy to go there for business type meetings when you need some wifi. longest opening hours of the bunch, and the largest place too.

beatrix: cute as a button. managed by muso evelyn aka pikelet, and off the beaten (ha!) track a little being the furthest down queensberry street. if you’re craving cake, they’ve got daily baked on the premises selections. bonus points: vintage egg beater collection.

fandango: it’s a little dream of ours that next time kelley deal is in town, we’ll take her out for a very late breakfast in the back courtyard with their beetroot eggs, pancakes, french toast and other assorted goodness while she downs a packet of smokes, knits a few bags and tells dirty stories. small and homely and lovely. don’t go a changin’.  extremely worthy of the ace review at the breakfast blog (rip).

twenty & six: it’s all designy (note the bend in the glasses and how the coffee cups that you can’t get your finger through match the colour of the business cards) and fancypants (design books like grid systems are on display for your reading pleasure) and suchlike, but gee, we love this place. super friendly. killer coffee (and let it be known, we’ve spotted auction rooms staff in here on their days off – regulars!). if you’re lucky, you’ll find neighbouring black cat esmeralda out the back area on a sunny weekend looking for some lurve.

french quarter patisserie.  almond croissant. that is all.

woolly bully: unfortunately, nothing to do with yarn. fortunately, everything to do with the song. comics. records. coffee. run by a NZ couple with a killer taste in music, we’re hoping that more of their little live music soirees happen soon. chats (ie the users) from australian music forum messandnoise probably responsible for bulk of goodwill. makes for a lovely lazy morning with the papers.

elceed: we haven’t even set foot in the place yet (see? so many cafes, so little time and money…) but by golly some of their menu items has had us wishing. any cafe with halloumi on the menu rocks in our book. some sweet breakfasty thinger with rhubarb. fresh juices. obviously we need to pay them a visit in the not too distant future and report back our findings.

do you have a favourite cafe in north melbs? care to share a superwonderful experience at one of ’em?

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