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the joy of slow.

we should be sleeping. instead, we’re getting the coffee, ipod, and a nice big list ready to get things organised tonight. why? we’re expecting wool tomorrow. thankfully, not the whole ton is arriving, but enough for the courier to enquire if we had a forklift. where exactly we’d keep a forklift in a third floor apartment is a tad beyond us, but it doesn’t hurt to check, right?


bonus of getting your own wool processed - named bales!

TON OF WOOL been a really wonderful process so far, and it’s had us thinking about doing things slow – thanks to steve hopkins of blogging everyday in march for the slow reminder. TON OF WOOL (getting a ton of wool processed in australia from sheep to skein) has been much faster and simpler than what we expected. we’re so thrilled to be able to bring a local product to market, and to acknowledge the change (albeit tiny) that is being made – to how wool is processed, to what craftspeople know about their wool, to being able to purchase wool safe in the knowledge that it hasn’t left the country before you’ve bought it.

blogging and the website is going to be incredibly slow compared to the breakneck speed we remember working at in new media where the deadline was yesterday. we know – there’s a wealth of things that need improving, changing and a decent spit and polish around here. we’ll keep on staring wistfully at sites like ali edwards or the pitcher plant project (we smell a book coming on!) and skein yarn. for now though, it will do.