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2015. The Year Of Wool.

Why a year of wool?
It’s January 1. So time to set our intentions.

A Year Of No Sugar was what pushed us over the edge. If you could do a year without sugar, what about a year with wool – of just going through the daily grind of working with it, researching it, and learning as much as possible in 365 days?

We’ve been thinking about doing this wool thing for a year for a while. Here’s what we’ve been thinking about:

Why isn’t wool treated more like food in terms of acknowledgement of slow fibres in the same manner as slow food? Why is yarn labelling for wool so confusing? Why does there seem to be so much celebration of food farming and origins in Australia & around the world, yet so little in comparison to wool?

What are the real issues in the wool industry that very few are talking about, or at least, willing to talk about publicly?

There’s another reason for this too. Taking part in the woolful podcast, we mentioned that we know nothing. We’re not kidding.

There’s been instances of vertical learning curves simply by doing such as going to both socksummits (R.I.P) and crowdfunding a ton of wool.

We’re hoping to fail (wouldn’t be the first time). There will be instances of making mighty ugly. There will (hopefully) be wins, and it will be great to share those with you.

So, by being open and transparent about what we want to know about and learn that might help others too.