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design as a career – show notes.

we’ll be putting up our presentation here, feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and we’ll do our best! talk re: pozible – tentatively pencilled in for wed 5 september at hub melbourne. email your interest to TONOFWOOL at that thinger. go to their bbq on friday – i’ll be cookin’! do […]

craft & design as a career.

we’ll be giving a talk at craft & design as a career august 16 @ NGV international melbourne  – here’s the interview on craft: “meet kylie gusset“. more information and booking details.

The Surge Of Craft.

we were thrilled to see that tim o’reilly had been thinking about the crafters on etsy, which is echoed in the new york times article “don’t mock the artisanal pickle makers“. as someone involved in the crafts industry, it’s great to see that yes, there is interest and a surge in the people who are […]

oh, honey

in the throes of trying to find something interesting to watch whilst knitting, we came across a documentary about bees – “Queen Of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?”. we haven’t seen said documentary (yet!) but our obsession is growing. turns out that locally, the melbourne scene is looking pretty good for bees. […]

my crafty list of things to do

(inspired by the wondering and wonderful make something) spin a fleece and make something (a jumper?) out of it. finish my teva durham cardigan write about going to socksummit 2009 write about the craft victoria day write about the craft movie put up previous writing. finish $2,500 socks by old bar knitting deadline – the […]

melbourne craft doco.

Bitch benefit at Woodland Pattern, originally uploaded by bitch_magazine. melbourne readers, you’ll need to act fast on this one if you’re keen – the online box office closes at 8pm today. “making it handmade” is a locally made documentary about the craft movement featuring faythe levine (above): handmade nation, pip lincolne: meet me at mikes, […]

shima seiki, faster, mark fast

rmit melbourne is currently holding an exhibition until the 21st march titled “the endless garment” which is about new uses of machine knitting. it’s worth a look ’cause this is your one chance to see garments from sandra backlund and mark fast in the flesh. also on as part of the exhibition is a talk […]

AWI – “poisonous, strange, and nasty”

sometimes you can’t help but wonder…am I reading the news, or the onion? this time around, it is the news, with fresh shenanigans in the wool industry c/o brenda mcgahan (remember her? yep, one of the “women of wool” from last years bendigo sheepshow). she’s resigned as CEO of AWI (australian wool innovation aka the […]

melbourne breakfasts

Nolan @ Proud Mary , originally uploaded by Fresh Ground. you’d think that breakfasting and knitting wouldn’t have much to do with each other – but the dare is on: find me a knitter who isn’t opinionated about what or where the best breakfast in melbourne might be. here’s a couple of pointers that we’re […]

a Knitter is in the house!

*phew*. looking back at the old blog archives, it’s been over 2 years since the last entry. which is some kind of record. we just needed to take a lil’ break – and it just panned out longer than what we expected.  since we last blogged knitting in public, a lot of things have happened. […]