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Category Archives: crowdfunding

Banger Bucks – A case study of how Banger Films can fund their extreme metal show on indiegogo.

full disclosure – we have a soft spot for banger films – as their first movie “metal: a headbangers journey” is one of our favourite documentaries (and there is no huge collection of  metal lovin’ black & silver tshirts at chez gusset either…). When we found out purely by accident that banger films were crowdfunding in order […]

pozible – who are the big promoters?

we thought it was interesting that pozible had a post about their top promoters, and it got us wondering…who the heck are these people, and why are they the top promoters? so, we’re googling so you don’t have to. we’re also hoping that the following info is incredibly handy to people who are doing pozible […]

handmade, slow: 3 magazines to look out for

we’re thrilled to see the rise of the slow and handmade, and one way of gauging interest is media. launching on kickstarter today, with half of their goal already reached is handmade, a magazine from juniper moon farm. juniper moon farm holds a special place in our heart – through offering subscriptions to yarn and […]

part 1: how to make money using crowdsourcing (from someone who made amost $40,000)

$38, 893.00. we made thousands on, an australian crowdsourced funding site (if you’re in the dark, wikipedia re: crowdfunding). to date, it’s the largest amount raised by a single person in the short history of pozible . we’re writing this to let you know that compared of other methods of raising cash, it’s a […]